How the challenge works

The objective of the challenge: accumulate the most points during the season in order to be invited to the grand finale for free!

21. How to register

Form your team of 4 players with whom you like to play golf!

Click here to sign up, there are a limited number of boxes!

*You don’t have to play with your friends to earn points!

2. Play on as many fields as possible

The goal of a nomad golfer is to discover golf courses, right? That’s exactly what the challenge is all about!

Your goal is to visit as many participating fields as possible(see map), either with your team or alone.

3. Take a picture

Each of the partner courses will have a particular hole on which you must take your picture with your team identification in evidence, your roundel (this will be provided in the box)!

The location of the photo on the hole is up to your imagination! You will find the details on the challenge map.

Put on your best smile (or grimace?) and take a selfie with your player’s badge on the hole mentioned!

It is not the most beautiful photo that counts, nor the framing… don’t worry, but the pleasure you give 😉

4. Post this on the Nomadic Golfers Challenge group with your team #!

Each team will have its number to put in the publication and will have to identify the golf club it is on.

To be included in the publication:

  • your picture
  • your team number
  • the club where you are
  • put your roundel in evidence during the photo

EX : publication TO COME

5. Accumulate points

Each photo, therefore each golf club of the challenge visited allows to accumulate points. Depending on the number of players in the picture, the team accumulates points.

Possibility of 25 pts per player present for each golf club, so a maximum of 100 points per golf club for the summer.

It is not mandatory to be all 4 players at the same time to accumulate points.

The team can visit Golf Club X individually during the summer. In this case, they will have to make one publication per visit per player to accumulate the maximum points possible.

6. Points Charter

Here is the repair of the points:

Golf Club Challenge

100 points per club visited

(25 pts per golfer in the photo), maximum of 100 points per club.

Funky Challenge

They will be revealed throughout the season by our Joker!

50 points for the team

Bonus points

Fan post FlexiGolf

The 10 most original photos of the month will be posted on the FlexiGolf Facebook page


25 points for the team

Fan post Joker

One photo per month will be selected by our Joker of the challenge


25 points for the team

Photo with the joker of the challenge

If you find the Challenge Joker on a partner golf course, take a selfie with him and your badge!


25 points for the team

7. General ranking

Each month, the general ranking will be updated to allow you to see where you stand among all the teams in the race!

8. Final event

The top 5 teams will receive afree invitation to the grand finale of the Nomadic Golf Challenge, with a minimum value of $1,500 per team. It will take place over 2 days and includes (except alcohol): a practice round, a final round, 2 nights in double occupancy, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and entertainment!

At stake: fun and a total purse of $2,000

Date: October 13 and 14

A real trip for nomadic golfers!

All the details here: Final event

Don’t miss your chance to experience the first edition!

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