The regulations

For questions about how it works, please click here

To earn points, you must :

  • Post your photos on the Nomadic Golfers Challenge group
  • Highlight your ID badge in the photo
  • The publication must include :
      • Your team number (the # in front of the number). You’ll receive your team number after your purchase.
      • The name of the site visited

No disobedient comments will be tolerated. The team will be automatically disqualified.


  • Automatic disqualification in case of cheating (e.g.: impersonation of a player to accumulate points)

Bonus points

During the challenge, you’ll have opportunities to collect bonus coupons with our funky challenges – 1 extra coupon per golfer.

  • Joker selfie challenge: maximum of 1 x during the season.
  • Selfie challenge with Marie-Pier and Olivier: maximum of 1 x during the season.

Golfers from the following regions receive an additional coupon per visit – 1 additional coupon per golfer :


Lower St. Lawrence,

North Shore,

Gaspésie and



  • A club visited a maximum of 1 time per person (to accumulate points)
  • Any type of game counts: friendly game, tournament or league.
  • Your game can be purchased on FlexiGolf, at the golf club or with any other partner, it doesn’t matter!


  • A partner gets hurt? Notify us for the replacement.


  • You lose your roundel? Write to us, a 10$ fee will be charged for shipping.


  • If there is a tie for the team ranking, the teams in the tie-break will be drawn at random.


Do you have any questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions!