What is the nomadic golfer’s challenge?

Your reason to go on a golf getaway this summer!

The FlexiGolf team decided to give nomadic golfers a challenge!

The goal: to help you discover golf courses!

Are you ready?

The mission: To play on as many partner fields as possible in order to accumulate points and rank for the grand finale.

Grand Finals: 15 teams invited FREE for an all-inclusive 2-day event: nights, food and golf!

An event that will challenge your team to win over $8,000 in prizes!

How does it work?

  • Create your team and buy your company
  • Take a picture of yourself on the field (see detail)
  • Post it on the Nomadic Golf Challenge group

The 15 teams that accumulate the most points during the season will be invited for free to a 2-day all-inclusive private final event with +$8,000 in participation prizes*.

Create your team of 4 people and discover as many golf courses as possible!

The coolest thing? You don’t have to always play with your team to get points.

Don’t miss your chance…

*Based on a participation of 300 teams.

Only 100 boxes in pre-sale

for $199 instead of $299!


The team box includes
  • 4 ball repairers (because it’s important..!)
  • 4 poker chips
  • Tees
  • Flexigolf stickers and challenge
  • Your challenge identification badges
  • Promotional codes from our partners
  • Your participation in the Challenge Lottery, over $14,000 in prizes
  • The opportunity to participate in the final private 2-day event for free:
    • 2 rounds of golf, 2 nights, dinner, breakfast and fun guaranteed ($1500 team value minimum!)
    • The grand prize: $8,000 in total prize money. *

*based on 300 teams

Key dates of the challenge

It’s an event that allows you to spice up your summer, without too much commitment!

  • Registration: from April 13 until the places are sold out
  • When: Earn points from May 15 to September 30
  • Challenge Lottery: June 1

All teams who purchased their box before May 30th will be entered in the Nomadic Golf Challenge lottery on June 1st! Over $14,000 in prizes.

    • Grand final: October 13 and 14